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Economic opportunities for biochar in New Zealand

  Anthropogenic warming results from fossil fuel use, deforestation and soil carbon loss disrupting carbon cycles[1] and elevating atmospheric CO2 Internationally, the top climate change priorities are reducing fossil fuel emissions, and stopping carbon losses from deforestation and from wetlands … Continue reading

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Bardolatry or secular clarity – why Shakespeare keeps us sane in identarian times

In a social media age that isolates as much as connects people, and that polarizes politics and fuels extremism it is reassuring to see William Shakespeare flourishing through it all. It is striking how much hostility Shakespeare has attracted over … Continue reading

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Is Paul Krugman right on fossil fuels replaceability?

The IMF estimates that fossil fuel industries globally receive around US$5.2 trillion a year in subsidies (2017 figures).  Paul Krugman notes that the US$649 billion a year in subsidies the US provides is around US$3 million for every American oil, … Continue reading

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