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I’ve worked in policy and economics-related fields in New Zealand for many years. With qualifications and publications in economics, management and literature, I take a multidisciplinary perspective to how people’s lives can be enhanced. I love nature, literature, music, tramping, boating and my family.

Matariki, Walt Whitman and the Pleiades

In Walt Whitman’s On the Beach (1871) a father and daughter gaze up at the night sky: On the beach at night, Stands a child with her father, Watching the east, the autumn sky. Up through the darkness, While ravening … Continue reading

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What Nassim Taleb is on about, and why you should read him

If you have something to say do so simply.  Nassim Taleb drifts between probability theory and Mafia morality codes.  He peppers his work with insights from the Levant, ancient Greece, Rome and central Asia, through to modern Iraq and the … Continue reading

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Henning von Tresckow: 10 January 1901 – 21 July 1944

We are not the first who, with best meaning, have incurred the worst. Cordelia, in King Lear Today is the 117th anniversary of the birth of Major General Henning von Tresckow, mastermind of the 20 July 1944 attempt to assassinate … Continue reading

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The future has more rights than the present: real interest rates, domestic savings and tax policy

  New Zealand has long been in relative economic decline.  It suffers from stagnating productivity and a weak tradeable sector. It is a relatively low wage economy. Understanding our persistently high real interest rates provides insights into these problems[1], and … Continue reading

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Frontier IT businesses, and how things may play out

Never in modern history has there been such equality across the world.  However, inequality has grown within developed countries, bringing tensions with it. Aggregate US productivity has grown more than 250% since the early 1970s, yet hourly wages have stagnated.  … Continue reading

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An economic strategy for New Zealand

New Zealand has many conditions in place to support increased per capita income and living standards.  These include inclusive, high-integrity government, quality institutions, macroeconomic stability and microeconomic flexibility. However, productivity is stagnating.  We are struggling to address rising superannuation and … Continue reading

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Russian, Chinese and American economic narratives

Some convince with numbers, most with stories.  When stories turn into national narratives, history is made. Narratives turn complexity into simplicity, and give identity and purpose.  Individuals can be conflated into a nation state akin to a single person: “China … Continue reading

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