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I’ve worked in policy and economics-related fields in New Zealand for many years. With qualifications and publications in economics, management and literature, I take a multidisciplinary perspective to how people’s lives can be enhanced. I love nature, literature, music, tramping, boating and my family.

Poets better prove – the sacred craft challenges autocracy

Great Russian writers such as Turgenev, Tolstoy and Dostoyevsky opposed Tsarist tyranny.  Their successors challenged the Bolshevik autocracy. The Bolsheviks knew the power of literature.  Lenin never forgave Dostoyevsky’s devastating critique of revolutionary thinking in The Devils.  The Soviet regime … Continue reading

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How innovation can fulfil our future

By Peter Winsley, 15 February 2017 Malaise[i] in developed countries can be countered through productivity growth.  This creates wealth for those working productively, and for social transfers and expanded services.  However, people want meaningful work and empowered lives, not compensatory … Continue reading

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What caused the mess we are in, and how do we get out of it?

By Peter Winsley 16 January, 2017 Inequality, social malaise, and identity-based extremism result from productivity trends, technological change, globalisation, and business models.  These sit within tax, labour market, competition, trade, intellectual property and other policy settings that governments can change.  … Continue reading

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Letter to Donald Trump

23 December 2016 Dear Donald What you bring to the Presidency is the ability to reach across the aisle, make workable deals, and drive them through Congress.  You also need to carry Americans with you.  To do this, you must … Continue reading

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Why Shakespeare is important for young people

By Peter Winsley, December 2016 William Shakespeare is the world’s greatest playwright and poet.  He is also the greatest psychologist, because he reflected human nature as he observed it, not as it was later theorized to be. Shakespeare wrote around … Continue reading

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Overcoming child poverty, with the future in mind

Overcoming child poverty, with the future in mind By Peter Winsley, December 2016   Child poverty in New Zealand can be defined as an economic and sociological state that impedes children reaching their full potential. Poverty in New Zealand is … Continue reading

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Maori, identity and socio-economic development

Maori, identity and socio-economic development By Peter Winsley, July 2016 Introduction Maori[i] always wanted to do better economically.  Their ancestors migrated to Aoteoroa for a better life.  Their culture rapidly adapted to new technological and institutional opportunities and circumstances.  From … Continue reading

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