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A break from posts on economics and identity politics: a journey from monoculturalism to multiculturalism through folk songs and poetry, ending with the only truly universal genius…

Our whanau started out monocultural, speaking New Zealand English (North Otago dialect), and now we are multi-cultural and multi-lingual. Let us begin with The Dance Exponents, who originated in Timaru, culturally close to Oamaru, but lacking its heritage buildings. The … Continue reading

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The upstart crow and why I feel I belong here

Many people drop out of education even where there are no financial or academic reasons for them to do so.  How can we explain this, and do something about it? People from low socio-economic backgrounds, ethnic and cultural minorities, and … Continue reading

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Risking lives for health: Apirana Ngata’s support for Maori participation in World War One

Abstract Apirana Ngata supported Maori participation in World War One despite the certainty of casualties.  Ngata contended that involvement in the war would generate benefits higher than costs to Maori.  This seemed counter-intuitive after a time when the Maori population … Continue reading

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