I’ve worked in policy and economics-related fields in New Zealand for many years. With qualifications and publications in economics, management and literature, I take a multidisciplinary perspective to how people’s lives can be enhanced. I love nature, literature, music, tramping, boating and my family.

Welcome to my blog on economics, psychology and philosophy. I hope you will find my posts of interest and value.


4 Responses to About

  1. Hi Peter, thank you for liking my blog: http://yourleadershipcounsel.wordpress.com/2013/10/26/leadership-purpose-performance-and-why-i-work-with-leaders/ great to have you along for the journey and some great work on here, I see by you too – look forward to sharing more ^Stefan #yourleadershipcounsel

  2. Stephanie Hoarse says:

    Hi, I’ve just been reading about Perpetua in your publication, and I was wondering what exactly your qualifications were, as I wanted to cite you in an essay for senior history.

  3. Neville Reeve says:

    Hi Peter
    Long time! I really hope you are well and see you are still active in the field. I looked you up because I was sorting out papers in the shed and came across several volumes of the technological learning study. Wondering what to do with it.
    All best
    Neville Reeve

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